chat bots development
Chat Bots Development

Bot is a software programmed to automate interaction with user in real time. Platform like Slack, Facebook Messenger and Telegram allows bots to not just simulate conversation but even process payments. Our Chat Bots Development Experts at Ratufa got deep knowledge of all available features to deliver quality bot for your business requirements.

React Native Experts
React Native App Development

Launched in 2013 by Facebook, React Native has become one of the best mobile javascript framework. It provides very unique solution to common app development problem like platform fragmentation, development speed and code harmonization. When state changes view update itself, this feature alone make this technology trendiest mobile javascript framework. Here at Ratufa we like to stay ahead of trends and our team is fully geared toward taking full advantage of this framework has to offer.

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Unity AR, VR App and Game Development

Unity 3D is an amazing powerful authoring tool to develop 3D and 2D games which work across all popular platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, WebGL, PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo, Oculus, Google Cardboard, Steam, Samsung Smart TV, tvOS and many more. Unity is one of the best tool to develop Virtual Reality (VR) or Augment Reality (AR) based Apps or Games. Ratufa is a leading 3D game development company and brings many years of game development experience to mobile and web platform. We artfully combine logic with fun to create finest game for best gaming experience to your game users.

NodeJS Web Development

Node is an open-source, cross-platform asynchronous event driven javascript runtime, designed to build scalable network application. Reason why we choose NodeJS as our technology of choice for web app to app back-end is its performance and development speed. We believe any successful app require a solid scalable back-end for best user experience while using your product. Our team got strong knowledge of NodeJS and related technologies like ReactJS, HapiJS and MongoDB. We can also help you with deploying NodeJS solution over any server or cloud like Heroku , AWS , Google Cloud and digitalocean.

flutter app development
Flutter App Development

Developed by Google for both platforms – Android and iOS. Flutter is a mobile app development SDK for creating native looking apps. Features like Hot Reloading and Widget Libraries helps to build high performance app in shorter development time. We love using Flutter in our internal apps and would highly recommend using it for future projects.

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iOS Development
iOS App Development

Since 2007 till now iOS platform disrupt the technology landscape in a lot of ways. As mobile devices becoming a solid computing platform which opens the door for lot of new opportunities. Apps are becoming part of everyday life for many of us. We have gained years of experience on designing, developing plus optimizing apps. Our iOS team got expertise in using Objective-C, Swift, iOS SDK along with iBeacon, WatchKit and various third party SDK like AdMob, Facebook & Google Map.

Android Development
Android App Development

Started by Google as open source software for mobile devices, almost 70% of handheld devices run Android. Android Studio is common development environment for Android apps; provides debugging, testing and device emulation capabilities. Unlike iOS, Android is an open system i.e we can access processes or services of other applications. We have some of the most talented Java developers with deep knowledge of Android SDK and third party SDK like AdMob, Facebook & Google Map.

Google Firebase
Google Firebase

Building mobile application is a time consuming process and most of our time goes into running infrastructure, instead of building the features that make your app successful. If we use firebase, our code talks directly to Google’s powerful managed back-end services. They take care of security and of scalability, so that we can focus on building the features that your users love. All of our iOS, Android, Game and Web Developers have ability to make best use of Firebase.

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