Creative Approach to Technology

Our Focus

Ratufa brings robust skills and forward looking perspectives to solve customer challenges. We use proved knowledge to make recommendations and provide expert guidance to our customers.

Our Mission

Some believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people and the impact people can have on technology. Our roots grew from this belief that people with diverse points of view could come together to build a different kind of technology company.

Our Value

In relationships with our customers, we are guided by Values FIRST. We foster a strong commitment to these values in every member of our organization, because we believe they are essential for accomplishing our goals.


We will prepare a technical design which is essentially planning all technical aspects like Usability, Security, Performance, Scalability, Integration with 3rd party system, back-end logic and more.


We will develop wire-frame and mock-ups & get your feedback for tuning better end user experience you want for your users to have, remember making changes in design phase is easier than during coding phase. Once design is approved from you, we will design user interface with required assets.

Phase 3: CODING

In this phase we make sure project behaves exactly how it was documented to you. We will try to make incremental changes in project and get your feedback to ensure your satisfaction.


In this phase, we make sure all functions of your project are thoroughly tested on all required platforms and devices. Once testing is done we will help you with project deployment in production environment. After some time in public its quiet possible that some users might report unusual behaviour in project, this is called bug, for that we will provide you with 6 months warranty i.e we will fix all bugs for free during this period.


Dhawal Jaiswal



Shivi Rai Jaiswal

VP and CQO

Meet Some of our Core Members

CEO Speaks : Ratufa Technologies has built a strong domain expertise across various verticals by serving the most complex IT requirements for our clients. Leveraging comprehensive portfolio of services and vertically aligned business model.

We have also had the privilege of delivering unique solutions to valuable customers outside of the Ratufa.

Having played in the traditional IT space for more then 3 years, Ratufa Tech. is charting new boundaries and focusing on emerging technologies like SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) and IOT (Internet of Things). Armed with strong development built over the years with niche players, Ratufa is strongly positioned to provide innovative solutions in these emerging areas.

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What our clients say

Amazing developer
Thanks a million Ratufa You Really Are the Best of the Best!!!

Simone Borelli
Simone Borelli Restaurant App Client VillaReale

A++ Easy to work with.
They are however hard working and nice to work with.
Excellent! Highly recommended!!!

Timur Amriev
Timur Amriev Founder hire4hour

They are however hard working and nice to work with.
Very prompt and quick services. I am highly delighted.

Helgi Haraldsson
Helgi Haraldsson Who’s up App Client Who's Up