Flutter App Development

Hot Reloading

It allow us to instantly rebuild project as if it was a web page. Imagine you just wanted to change few UI elements in your app and like to view it on your device, traditionally you would generate a build and install, but not with Flutter. Using Hot Reloading you can quickly see changes on device with just one command or button press.

Great Performance

Flutter is compiled into the native ARM code for both android and iOS. Animations set in Flutter is providing standard 60 frame per seconds which is awsome. They even incorporated all critical platform differences in scrolling, navigation, icons and fonts which give native level performance in Android and iOS both.

Material Design

Being a first class platform for Material at google means Flutter will stay current with Material Design evolution. Flutter’s layered architecture allows 100% customization too. In Android, Material Design provide native look and feel and in iOS, we have Cupertino for same.

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