Engagement of User for Mobile App Marketing Success

If you use mobile apps for marketing, you probably pay a lot of attention to the number of downloads that your app gets. Certainly, every marketer wants many mobile users to download and install their app. However, the number of downloads that an app receives is really a pretty meaningless metric unless you combine it with engagement statistics. Engaging users in your app will help ensure profits, but just attracting a lot of downloads won’t.


Why Care About App Engagement?


Consider some statistics from the Adobe internet marketing blog to understand why you should focus on engagement:

  • About 25 percent of mobile applications never even get used after they are downloaded.
  • An additional 26 percent of mobile apps only get used one time before they are abandoned.
  • About 76 percent of mobile users abandon average apps after three days.



If you’re trying to profit by displaying advertising or marketing for your own business, you won’t get very far if people download your application but never use it. You may have invested quite a bit to get those downloads; however, you’ll lose your investment if people don’t like the app enough to use it. Even though apps are very popular, you also face a lot of competition for the attention of users.


How Can You Improve Engagement?


Consider these tips to help keep people interested in using your app frequently:

  • Always offer value: Naturally, you need to let people know how they can benefit from using your application. For instance, your software may offer savings, communication, or even entertainment. Beyond letting people know how your app can help them, you should make sure that you offer an excellent user interface and a professional app design.
  • Incorporate good onboarding into your app design: You may have an initial walkthrough to quickly acquaint users with common features. If you release new features, you might display tips to highlight them. Otherwise, just try to make using the app as intuitive as possible. If users get frustrated with your app, most will drop it before they’ll consult a long user manual or contact customer service. .
  • Test and tune to improve your app’s performance: Most app developers and marketers know that the first version of their app won’t be the final version. You should incorporate analytics into your mobile app. Use this information to learn which features people use and which ones they don’t use.



One of the best ways to find out where your app is losing users is to ask them. You might encourage feedback by offering short surveys and having an obvious way to access customer service. If you offer some sort of reward or discount for completing a survey or even filing a complaint, you’ll probably enjoy better results. You’ll certainly benefit from finding out what users don’t like about your app before they post negative reviews on their favorite social networking sites or app download sites.


Test and Tune for Engagement


Of course, you’ll eventually want to encourage your users to leave ratings on various download sites. This helps you learn how to improve and may also encourage like-minded mobile users to download your app. However, you may want to make sure your app’s design has been tested before you ask for public ratings.After all, you certainly hope to encourage positive reviews and not negative ones on public websites.


You certainly don’t want to sink your application with low ratings because of some flaw that you should have uncovered in testing. The more testing that you can conduct before you release your app publicly, the better off you will be. At the same time, you should never consider testing and tuning done when you release your app.


Striving for excellence in usability and engagement should become a process. You may work hard to release a very good app; but your app should get even better after many people have experienced it. After your app has been out long enough to gather a base of users, you should gather more information about the way people use it, what they love and don’t love, and how well it helps maximize conversions. If you don’t know how to capture these statistics with your app, you can find third-party platforms and software that can make the task fairly easy.


Attract Mobile App Users and Keep Them Engaged


Most marketers hope to brag about how many downloads their app has gotten. However, the number of downloads is just the first goal. Hopefully, you have developed you application to help you with specific business goals. You’ll achieve those goals if you can get people to keep using your software for the benefits that it can provide them. You also need to consider mobile app engagement to be truly successful.


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